High-Tech Company Display

Showcase for Engineering Exhibitions

The Challenge

Develop an interactive display to be used during Army 2018 Forum.

The Context

High-Tech Company, a large-scale Russian manufacturer of aviation and special-purpose machinery, needed a rich product catalogue for exhibition purposes.

Project Summary

We have created a desktop application to be used exclusively on a 52 inch portable touch screen. Animation and videos give the impression of being on the factory floor: exhibition visitors can explore the complete units, the manufacturing process, and the use cases.
After Army 2018 Forum the application was updated to showcase more valuable information in the time of Army 2019 Forum.

Technology Stack

Javascript GULP

Key Features

Complete Units Showcase
All complete units are easily accessed by category from the main application screen. Having selected a unit, one can read the details, review the drawing figures and watch videos showing all stages of the actual production process—from creating a work piece to the laboratory quality control. Different types of content work together to present the company in the most favorable light.
Equipment Demonstration
It was also important to showcase the engineering tools used in the process of production. For every tool there is a list of complete units that are being manufactured with the use of this particular tool.
Transition Animation
We have animated the display: if touched, the elements of a certain screen are being scaled and moved smoothly to the other screens. This experience inspires visitors to explore more and more content.
Application Scalability
From the very beginning we knew that the application will be a growing one. The implemented software architecture allowed scalability, and it was easy to make interface changes and to add a partner company and more complete units when the time was due.

The Outcome

The desktop application is successfully being used during events with good publicity. Being created with the emphasis on content and focus on people, it has an obvious advantage over the similar showcase solutions.
Launch Year: 2018
3 big events
became the scene of display usage
2,000,000+ people
attended these big events
500,000+ unique interactions
with the display were performed

Effective Team

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