Why Effective?

  • 1
    We're effective in the top platforms.
    Our team is compromised of top-ranked experts for Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft stacks, who have been part of the respective tech communities since their early beginning whether iOS, Android, AWS, or .Net. We're not only experts, but passionate leaders in these technologies.
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    We're an effective Google partner.
    Our CTO, Alex Korovyansky, is certified by Google as a Google Developer Expert. This certification is a badge of honor for us, which confirms that Alex and our team has excellent knowledge of technologies and to the tech community.
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    We're globally effective.
    Being located in San Francisco, Berlin, Moscow, and Omsk, we have a chance to set up effective distributed teams comprised of top-tier researchers, designers, and engineers.
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    We're a proven and effective outsourcing partner.
    With over 8+ years experience working with American and European clients we've learned how to efficiently manage language, culture, and time zone challenges. Our team knows English, has an empathy- driven attitude, and has time zone availability adjusted for CST (UTC –6).
  • 5
    Our effective and proven processes.
    We've developed a solid management framework, that includes the best of Agile methodologies with some unique best practices we've learned over the years. All of this experience comes together to make our delivery on all types of complex projects smooth and effective.
  • 6
    We're cost effective.
    Because we find the best talent often in emerging markets, we have a chance to minimize the cost of work and significantly save our clients by providing the same or above level of both efficiency and quality as any in-house teams.
  • 7
    We have effective partnerships.
    Google, Handsome, Blitzscale, Newave, S Media Link, and other companies all work together with Effective to bring their's and our clients to success. We believe in power of win-win collaboration with both clients and partners.
  • 8
    We're effective in the community.
    Our team is directly involved in tech education and community activities around the world where our offices are located. We take our elite expert status serious and believe we have an obligation to give back, growing the overall tech community for the better. We've organized courses for students and taken part in organizing development conferences with over 800 attendees. This in turn has a positive impact for our clients, gaining them notoriety in the technology community.
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