Job Site for Product Experts

The Challenge

Create an easy-to-use website for product experts.

Project Summary

Following the layouts provided, we have developed the responsive job website friendly for both: talents and employers. The former can easily search jobs and create job alerts, the latter can effortlessly post jobs that product specialists will see online and via Slack. Special website section helps talents to get prepared for the most typical questions that occur during interviews.

The Context

Startup owners are the experienced product managers who are subject matter experts. They know everything about the way employers are looking for talents to join their product teams. The website and the social network presence will help to establish a respected community in the long run.

Technology Stack

React Node.js LoopBack MySQL Google Cloud

Key Features

Talent Friendly Job Search
We are proud to present search filters! Talents can select one of 7 product roles, choose locations, enter skills and seniority to find a dream job among thousands of offers in just seconds. A combination of filters can be saved as a Job Alert that will start sending notifications about the new jobs matching the given criteria.
Having studied thematic articles about hard and soft skills, we have created a flexible set of skills for product specialists. Talents can only look at the skills matching a certain job without reading the whole job description, and they will get the essence of the proposal.
We use Craft API to provide additional information about well-known companies—including the year of foundation, the dynamics of employees change etc. It helps talents to arrive at the informed decision.
Talent's Profile
Once filled out, the profile is used to demonstrate precise results to the registered users: they start observing 'Top Matches for You' block with jobs that they might be interested in. Talents are encouraged to specify their city, skills, seniority etc. Talents also have a history of saved jobs and jobs they applied for.
Interview Study Guides
This site section helps prepare for a job interview at Google, Facebook and Amazon (more companies are to be added soon). All possible questions are classified and answered point by point. Visitors can also contribute to the guides and suggest new topics to be observed.
Slack Bot and Slack Channels
ProductHired Slack Bot asks questions to bring links to the job posts that match the answers. User can also create their own channel that will start posting jobs at a certain time with given criteria.
Data Automation
Indeed API is used to retrieve the most of the product jobs we have on ProductHired. A renewal session starts every 4 hours. After some investigation we have found relevant API queries for every of 7 product roles.
Job descriptions retrieved are being analyzed automatically to label job posts with skills and seniorities—otherwise it would be impossible to search jobs using site filters.
Dmitry Kharitonov, Solution Architect, Backend Developer:
Once the skills and seniority for every job are identified, the job posts look like they were processed by an artificial intelligence! But these are only the old school algorithms tuned proficiently. For example, we place a certain job into 'Management' category if the title includes such keywords as 'Vice President', 'VP', 'Head' etc. We have dozens of rules like this, and they work fine!
Job Posting Wizard
Only 4 steps, and the job post goes live! We have implemented Stripe, and it takes seconds to charge the employers if they want to get more than a free plan can offer. Additionally, it is always possible to upgrade every job posting.
Posting Dashboard
Simple and clean interface allows to see talents' profiles and to download resumes of the applicants. A special 'Yes/No' switcher available on the application screen can help the employers to remember their decisions.
Email Notifications
We have created notifications for all intents and purposes! The most long awaited are two: the employer is notified when there is a new application and the talent receives an email that the application has been viewed. Among other notifications are reminders to complete a profile, job posting stats, marketing information etc.
The Admin Panel
The panel was designed to manage users, companies and jobs: it is convenient to make changes in just seconds when users on the phone need real time support.
Dmitry Roudakov, Technical Project Lead, Analyst:
The admin panel gives even more power than a site. As you know, the job posting wizard allows only one location selecting, and once it became a problem. A company abandoned all hope to find a talent in Sydney, and ProductHired owners decided to help: they have added several cities to the job post and 'Relocate to Sydney' call to action—to the job title.

The Outcome

A fast and nice-looking product job website was created in 8 months; the new features development continues. Every day the site imports new jobs automatically, no editor support is required. Product experts note that the site is easy to use and stay online for a long time exploring the content.
Launch Year: 2019
3,200+ cities in the world
ever offered jobs for product experts
120,000+ product job posts
are accessible daily worldwide

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