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Beauty Advisor Video Session Software

The Challenge

Organize a remote meeting with the beauty advisor for the cosmetics store customers.

The Context

A necessity to contact a beauty advisor is quite common at the cosmetics stores, but it is too expensive for the owner to have an expert in every store. At the same time customers can meet beauty advisors online using just their smartphones—providing they have a free wi-fi connection and they know how to start a call.

Project Summary

We have developed a solution with no classic backend: it's a Zendesk plugin and a video chat that works in any mobile browser. The communication starts with SMS sending, and the expert suggests video connection accessible by a link sent in response. The solution is simple yet well-executed with a decent respect to the needs of the customers.
NDA protected. We don't show real project name and layouts but accurately describe the features.

Technology Stack

Angular Zendesk Voximplant Web SDK

Key Features

SMS Dialogue Originating
Everything starts from the in-store advertising: 'Send SMS and get a beauty expert opinion'. Simple problems can be solved inside of a Zendesk ticket in text mode, but more often a link to a video session is being provided.
Beauty Advisor Video Call
Once a customer has got a link, a video session starts in seconds in the default mobile browser: there is no need to download any applications. We have created a many to many system that is able to establish multiple connections at a time.
Real Time Makeup Try-On (Beta)
Special try-on mode works for lipsticks, eye shadows and cheek colors in an augmented reality. Beauty advisors can activate this mode during the call and let the customer try different cosmetics in real time.
Statistics Gathering
When the call is over, customers can rate a beauty advisor: based on these data, a top of experts is being formed for internal use. We also count the number of calls per day and the duration of every video session.

The Outcome

It took 9 months to create a fully functioning version, but the first customers were able to connect the real beauty advisors in about 2 weeks. The owner optimized expenses for the in-store staff, and it didn't affect the takings! The system allowed the cosmetics stores to get used to the online customers interaction, and it consequently helped to organize the sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Launch Year: 2019
A similar solution can be used not only for cosmetics, but for almost every products delivered by retail.
60+ beauty advisors
are available on video calls
500+ cosmetics stores
operate the system
2,000+ video sessions a day
occur with the help of a system

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