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Current Events Guide for City People

The Challenge

Develop a mobile events guide for Omsk, a million city in Siberia, Russia.

The Context

Several times a year Omsk City Local Authorities organize major events common to the entire city: New Year, Victory Day, City Foundation Day and others. Tens of thousands of city people attend open air concerts, parades, workshops etc., and they would be happy to have a complete festive events program right in their pocket.

Project Summary

In this G2C project we used Flutter to develop both Android and iOS applications, and React—to create the administration panel for managing events. Users are encouraged to observe events in real time, to comment events, and to add the most interesting events to the favorites list.

Technology Stack

Flutter React Firebase Google Maps VK SDK

Key Features

Events List and Map
Showing all events in a chronological order is the main focus of the application. Every event is well-documented: name and description, address and coordinates, enquiry phone numbers are essential for people to know what is proposed. To provide detailed information in most cases events are linked to the social network pages of the organizers, or to the events announcements on the official city portal.
Events can be filtered: for example, users can select only large scale events or only those with the free admission. Color coding helps to differentiate the events of today and the events that are to come. Even if the event has already started, it is still accessible via the application with the 'Is Underway' label.
Dmitry Roudakov, Techical Project Lead, Analyst:
Organizing events seemed to be a simple task, but it turned out to be deceptively simple. It so happened that the multi-day events gave us a hard time against expectation.

Let us take an art exhibition starting on the 10 of April and ending on the 30 of April. Starting from the 11 of April it will be on top of the events list for 20 days, and it will become annoying for people who use the application every day. Imagine there are 2 or 3 current exhibitions of that kind, and you'll never see any other events on the first application screen, which is definitely not a positive experience.

We decided to have 2 rules for these multi-day events: until started, we sort them using their starting dates, but after start we render them in the list with respect to the finish dates. Through this approach these events are still visible, but they don't irritate the users.
This classical feature becomes handy shortly before citywide celebrations when a hundred of events is planned for one weekend all over the city, and people have to decide what to attend and what to skip.
The more users add a certain event to the favorites list, the more ranking it obtains. Filtering events by ranking is another simple yet useful option accessible from the list of events and from the map.
Repeating Events Photo Albums
Many annual events have similar scenarios, that is why the photos of the past years can help users to gain an overview of the event. Annual Flower Show, Farewell to Winter, Victory Day Parade follow the same traditions and take place in the same locations. We have added the ability to view photo albums ordered by year: professional pictures with captions are being imported from the official city portal.
Besides, sometimes it is interesting to have a 'way back machine' that can show the event's changes over time!
Admin Panel
User friendly administration panel is designed to publish events with coordinates, to manage users' comments, and to set the important dates (like the City Day with the concentration of the most exciting events). It is also used to send push notifications to the users: typically prior to the biggest festive events.

The Outcome

It took 2 months to create the application for Omsk City Local Authorities: we have received a number of favorable reports on this work from the city people. The whole team was awarded with the recognition letters signed by the Mayor of Omsk.
Launch Year: 2019
600+ events
were announced for the first 6 months
4.5 of 5 stars
is the average application rating

Effective Team

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